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blob.png is a professional manufacturer and supplier of products and services in the field of lighting electronics. Now, LONXEN is one of the leading manufacturers of LED driver and   fixture in China. Headquartered at 10-B-2, New Power Industrial Park, Tianning District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China, LONXEN is of convenient traffic and is only 150 km away from Shanghai. With over 8800 square meter cleaning room for multiple production lines, LONXEN has tremendous capacity and offers both ODM and branded business for a variety of international companies. Thanks for our brilliant R&D team, we have obtained 35 patents for our new technologies and products.

Our products include: waterproof, indoor, thermostable and long-life low-harmonic intelligent, PLC Internet complementary dimming intelligent, PLC Internet electrodeless dimming intelligent and RS485 dimming LED power supply, as well as diverse multiple-chip isolated and non-isolated power modules. LONXEN power supply is widely used in street lighting, tunnel lighting, office lighting liner, emergency lighting for schools and office buildings, lighting for beautifying famous buildings and bridges, and mall lighting kits, etc.

Our module family contains products with voltage of 110, 240, 277 (305) and 480V (530), current ranging from 100mA to 60A, and power supply extending from 10 to 1000W. We provide single, dual and active PFC options for circuit switch configurations. Further, we are able to customize modules that meet the most rigorous performance requirements in the market.

LONXEN has ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificates, and our sophisticated technical team has developed economical assembly techniques to satisfy demanding requirements of our major customers. LONXEN boasts the world-leading production equipment and a powerful R&D team, providing rock-solid protection for our product quality. We are creating profits for our customers with tremendous work capacity and outstanding innovation competence in customization.