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considerations of LED drive
Jul 05, 2017

Considerations of LED drive

1, before the installation of the power supply to determine whether the rated input voltage in the city voltage range, such as the power input voltage AC100 ~ 265V, the grid voltage can not exceed 265V and less than 100V, because when the power grid for more than 265V will damage the power , When the grid voltage is less than 100V, the power supply may not work properly.

2, pay attention to the power input and output line distinction, to avoid the reverse line caused by the power supply damage or unnecessary safety incidents.

3, in order to ensure the use of security and reduce interference, please ensure that the ground wire (FG) reliable grounding.


4, do not overload, very light load to use, power output power as far as possible with the lamp power reasonable match. In the match should be used when the power output power of 80%.

5, such as the power is non-isolated, must confirm the use of a good load, and then then enter the input power, otherwise it will burn LED beads.

6, in order to extend the life of the power supply, the power supply as far as possible in the installation of heat dissipation environment:

A, is strictly prohibited to install the power supply in high temperature environment;

B, as far as possible exposed to the air in the air;

C, if installed in a closed environment, the power supply must be in contact with the metal shell of the lamp, but can not be directly in contact with short-circuit frying machine or other effective way of cooling, so that the heat generated by the power can be effectively spread to the outside world The air to go.

7, the relationship between the environment and power

◆ As the ambient temperature rises.

◆ power consumption is gradually reduced.

◆ power supply life is gradually shortened.