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Detection method
Mar 01, 2017

1, appearance requirements: Visual inspection.

2, safety: GB7000. 1、GB7000. 5、GB19510. 1 and the corresponding national standards or foreign standards for testing.

3, GB17743 and GB17625. 1 of the regulations.

4, lamp electrical property: at 25 c ± 2 ℃ environment temperature, power supply (with lighting equal to the nominal frequency) and LED Street lamp connected between accuracy of not less than 0. Level 5 AC and DC electrical parameter Tester, the LED lamp is in the normal operating position, connect and adjust the power supply voltage to the nominal value (such as lamp nominal power supply voltage range, are adjusted to the maximum and minimum values of supply voltage range) makes LED lamps work 2H, power and power factor values recorded.

5, protection class: GB7000. 1 of the regulations.

6, lumen maintenance and life testing:

6. 1 lamp aging method

Lamp aging without forced ventilation, temperature controlled at 20 ° c-30 ° c environment, lighting installed in the normal attitude to set up, by lamp nominal rated voltage or the maximum applicable voltage range nominal voltage power, light to full power. Lamps in the aging process, turn off not less than 2 times per 24h, closed 25-35min at a time, time interval should be at least 30min. Number of samples less than 3. Test, the lamps must not have any faulted or burn, or unqualified.