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Disadvantages of LED street lights
Mar 01, 2017

1, a single LED power low. In order to gain power, need multiple parallel use.

2, low color rendering. Displayed in the LED light color without real, which come from analysis of spectral distribution, a technical issue.

3, spot. Because of the white light LED manufacturing defects and interfaces with the reflective glass or lens error, easily lead to "yellow".

Issue 4, the LED illumination uniformity. Without a secondary optical design, LED light is more concentrated, so be sure to secondary optical design, its light intensity distribution of bat-shaped figure.

5, LED light failure problem. Compared to low-power LED, high power LED street light failure would be much better. Low power LED heat is very small. High power LED is cooling there is no way to solve the problem, and fever after brightness will decrease, so power cannot expand. Market sales Spark LED lighting is now 360W.