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Four points of Choosing the LED drive power
Jul 05, 2017


First, drive the way

The first: a constant voltage source to supply multiple constant current sources, and each constant current source to each LED power supply.

Advantages: combination of flexible, if there is a way LED failure, it will not affect the normal operation of other LED.

Disadvantages: the cost will be slightly higher cost.

The second: constant current direct power supply, so that LED series or parallel operation.

Advantages: Costs are slightly lower.

Disadvantages: poor flexibility, if there is a way to LED failure, first of all to solve it does not affect the operation of other LED problems.

Second, high efficiency

As the LED is energy-saving products, so the driving power efficiency requirements will be relatively high. It is especially important for the power supply to be installed in the fixture. Because the LED luminous efficiency will increase with the LED temperature decreases, so the LED heat problem is very important. If the power efficiency is higher, its power consumption will be smaller, the smaller the heat in the lamp, thus reducing the temperature of the lamp, to delay the LED light failure beneficial.

Third, the surge protection

LED anti-surge capability is relatively poor, especially anti-reverse voltage capability, so to strengthen this protection is also very important. Due to the load of the grid load and lightning induction, will be from the grid system into a variety of surges, and some surges will lead to LED damage, so the LED drive power to suppress the intrusion of the surge, and protect the LED is not damaged ability.

Fourth, the protective measures

The life of the drive power supply should be compatible with the life of the LED, and to meet the installation rules and electromagnetic compatibility requirements. The power structure to be waterproof, moisture, the shell to light, the best in the constant current output to increase the LED temperature negative feedback to prevent the LED temperature is too high.