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Information about tunnel light
Sep 06, 2017


In order to solve the vehicle when the vehicle into or out of the tunnel when the brightness of the mutation caused by the visual "black hole effect" or "white hole effect", for tunnel lighting special lamps.

As a special section of a high-grade highway, a series of visual problems occur when the vehicle enters and passes through and out of the tunnel. In order to adapt to the visual changes, need to set additional electro-optical lighting.

installation steps

1 、crossed positioning: installation of the installation drawings of the installation height of the first to determine the installation location, the height of the measured use of the reference has been used as a measurement basis (such as has been completed or the initial completion of the tunnel road, etc.), first draw a horizontal installation Baseline, to ensure that the installation height of the same level of lighting, and then install the construction drawings of the lamp from the positioning of the lamp position. 

2、 lamp bracket installation: in the already determined location to install the lamp holder, the installation of attention to the model of the lamp, lamp holder hole distance and distance.

3、 lamp installation: in accordance with the drawings required models, installation of lamps, lamps and lanterns installed before the lights to open the inspection to ensure that the light source, triggers, rectifiers, capacitors installed intact.


4 、wiring: wiring by A, B, C three-phase loop link lamps to ensure that the three-phase current balance; if the drawings require protection of the cable, then the lamp connection cable protection tube; 

5、 debugging: lighting installation wiring is completed, each circuit alone Make sure that a single loop is working properly.

6、 loop debugging is normal, the lamp tail line fixed. Fixed when the requirements of a unified way, linear neat appearance.