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Introduction to Electronic Certification
Sep 12, 2017

Electronic product certification Daquan

  Now in the world no matter what kind of industry, the use of electronic home appliances have adopted a variety of safety certification (which of course does not include those "underground factory" production products yo). Why is there safety certification? This is also a manufacturer of their own products, a security commitment, the radiation, the electrical safety, and other personal safety and so on. Your monitor and your computer power (POWER) is there a lot of logo? If not, be careful, those products are not safe. In the face of all kinds of certification and its markings, you understand what is meant by it? Here is a brief introduction to some computer information industry, the most common security certification, we hope that in the future hardware procurement will be helpful.


CCC product certification

 China's mandatory product certification in the May 1, 2002 onwards, the certification mark for the name of "China Compulsory Certification" (English China Compulsory Certification abbreviation "CCC"). Shall be subject to mandatory inspection and examination of the products listed in the Catalog of Products of the First Implementing Compulsory Product Certification issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the State Certification and Accreditation Administration. Where the products listed in the catalog have not been certified by the designated agency, they shall not be manufactured, imported, sold and used in the place of service. China's compulsory certification mark after the implementation, will gradually replace the original implementation of the "Great Wall" logo and "CCIB" logo. The original "Great Wall" logo and the "CCIB" logo have been abolished since May 1, 2003.

CCEE product certification

  CCEE certification mark - Great Wall logo China Electrical Product Certification Committee (CCEE) was established in 1984, the English name for the China Commission for Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment (hereinafter referred to as CCEE), is on behalf of China to participate in the International Electrotechnical Commission electrical products Safety Certification Organization (IECEE) the only institutions, is China's electrical products in the field of national certification organizations, CCEE under the electrical equipment, electronic products, household appliances, lighting four sub-committees. Has been abolished. CCIB certification CCIB is the Chinese national import and export commodity inspection bureau (China Commodity Inspection Bureau) English prefix abbreviation. The safety and quality licensing system for imported goods is the safety certification system for the import of goods imported by the State Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau (SACI). Where the goods listed in the SACI Import Safety Quality Permit System Catalog, the product must be tested by product safety type and factory production and Inspection conditions, qualified, affixed to the CCIB commodity inspection safety signs, the parties allowed to export to China, sales. Common in authentic imported equipment, electrical appliances. Has been abolished. CE certification CE mark the use of more and more now, affixed to the CE mark of the goods that meet its safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection and a series of European directives to express the requirements. CE stands for European reunification

TE EUROPEENNE). CE is limited to the basic safety requirements of the product without compromising the safety aspects of human, animal and cargo, rather than the general quality requirements, and the general directive requires a standard task. The product conforms to the relevant requirements of the relevant directives, you can add the CE mark, and not according to the relevant standards on the general quality of the provisions of whether the use of CE mark. So the exact meaning is: CE mark is a safety pass mark rather than a quality mark.

CQC products voluntary certification

CQC organization name for the Chinese quality certification

Center, now China Compulsory Certification CCC certification by its commitment. CQC product certification certificate, affixed CQC product certification mark, it means that the product is certified by the national certification body for the safety, in line with national quality standards.

CSA certification

 CSA is the Canadian Standards Association (Canadian Standards Association) referred to it was established in 1919, the North American market sales of electronic, electrical and other products need to obtain security certification. CSA is currently Canada's largest security certification body, is the world's most famous security certification body. It provides safety certification for all types of products in the areas of machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment, office equipment, environmental protection, medical fire safety, sports and entertainment.

ETL certification

ETL SEMKO provides the detection and certification of product safety, EMC testing, product performance testing, any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical products with ETL inspection signs as long as it is tested to meet the relevant industry standards. ETL certification which is a product safety certification, the contents of the certification and UL is basically the same, but the cost is lower than UL, the cycle is shorter than the UL.

Introduction to FCC

FCC: The Federal Communications Commission, the FCC has developed a number of electronic equipment related to electromagnetic compatibility and operator personal safety and a series of product quality and performance standards, and these standards have been widely used and the world's many countries in the technical supervision Department or similar agency. Therefore, in the various manufacturers of electronic product technology manual often printed by the FCC issued a certificate in line with a standard certificate, or statement in line with a standard FCC. FCC certification for computer devices are mainly on the product electromagnetic compatibility and radiation restrictions and other standards. GS certification

GS certification is based on the German Product Safety Act (SGS), according to the European Union uniform EN or German industry standard DIN testing a voluntary certification, is recognized in the European market, the German security certification mark. The GS mark indicates that the safety of the product has been tested by an independent body of credibility. And CE is different, GS logo and no legal mandatory requirements, but because of its safety awareness has been deep into the average consumer, a GS logo in the market may be more general products have greater competitiveness.

UL certification

UL is written in the Underwriter Laboratories Inc., UL was founded in 1894. UL safety test is the United States the most authoritative, but also on the community engaged in safety testing and identification of the larger civil institutions. It is an independent, nonprofit, professional organization for public safety testing. It uses scientific test methods to determine the extent to which hazards such as materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings, etc. are harmful and harmful to life and property; to determine, prepare and issue appropriate standards and to help reduce and prevent life Property loss of information, at the same time to carry out real research business.

PCT certification

In accordance with Russian law, "into the Russian Federation Customs Territory to be issued a mandatory certification of goods list" in the goods only by the Russian National Standards Committee issued by the national standard certificate (GOST certificate), to enter the Russian market. For the vast majority of Chinese goods, as long as the Russian national PCT standard certification, it is equivalent to get the entry into the Russian country pass.

TUV certification

TUVRheinland is Germany's largest product safety and quality certification body, is a German government recognized inspection agencies, but also with the FCC, CE, CSA and UL side by side the authority of certification bodies, all sold to Germany products , Its safe use of the standard must be TUV certification, so TUV certification mark and the above five signs also appear in a variety of IT products and household appliances.

EMC certification

 EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Directive requires all electrical products sold to Europe, the basic body of the electromagnetic interference generated by (EMI) shall not exceed a certain standard, so as not to affect the normal operation of other products, while the electrical products themselves have a certain Of the anti-jamming capability (EMS), so that the general electromagnetic environment can be used normally. The directive was officially commenced on January 1, 1996. It is all kinds of electronic products, all sold to the European market, electrical products, permits, will also be mandatory in China, the product occupies the international market is of great significance.

MPR II certification

 MPR-II is the Swedish National Board for Measurement and Testing (Swedish National Board for Measurement and Testing) developed, mainly on the degree of electromagnetic radiation of electronic equipment, such as the implementation of standard restrictions. At present, the MPR-II is still one of the test standards common to the display industry. In 1990, the MPR II standard was designed for the general working environment.

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