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LED heat sink in to balance road lamps and IP protection, more reasonable design guideline
Mar 01, 2017

A, in the crucial heat, with heat-conducting plate. -Conducting plate is a metal plate inside, small uniform for refrigerant flow tube and thin catheter filled with refrigerant, when one part of the conducting plate is heated, thin catheter refrigerant is fast-flowing and heat conduction rapidly. Good thermal conductivity thermal conductivity of copper plate with thickness of 8~12 times can be achieved, although the price is higher, but in key areas, will play a multiplier role in LED heat sink.

B, shell lamps designed radiator. Most of the road lamp housing is aluminum directly outside of the lamp housing as a heat sink to ensure the IP protection class requirements, or you can get a lot of heat, in addition to lights shell radiator when dust, can be washed by natural wind and rain, so as to ensure the continued effectiveness of radiator.