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The main problems
Mar 01, 2017

Along with the country's focus on energy saving and emission reduction and energy-saving urgency of Guangdong Province will vigorously promote LED street lights, while Guangdong Province LED street lighting programme was widely questioned. Because LED lights product there are many problems, such as light, heat, light, and so on.

Lack of energy-saving illumination

Energy-saving is the same average illumination saved energy, average illumination of not only floor average illuminance! intensity for oncoming vehicles in the distance of space has a very good anticipation in advance to prevent traffic accidents! but the installed LED lights are sacrificing light to save energy.

LED Street lamp cooling problem

Lamps used in outdoors, must be waterproof and dustproof, lamps must be sealed and sealed lamps after steam under extreme climatic conditions, the temperature exceeded 100 degrees, LED work in such a high temperature environment, LED lights if the heat sink not doing it, light fixtures very easily broken or droop severely. Domestic high power LED Street lamp heat is still not fully resolved, subsequent maintenance cost is bound to increase.

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