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Company Development Of New Look
Oct 13, 2017

After more than a year of development, the company from scratch, to get amazing results. Turkey after the exhibition, the company's trade level increasingly broad.

In Lonxen, the first-class quality, services and brand ensure the four win-win situations: the win-win between the company to its customers, employees, investors and suppliers.

Our lighting products utilize robust technology which enables us to offer a significant amount of energy conservation and efficiency not only in the final products but throughout the manufacturing process. Armed with latest technology, vigorous enterprise culture and scientific management Lonxen provides a solid foundation and powerful drive for the sound and continual development of the company.

Lonxen cherishes every employee, each of our employees is part of the company,we are a big family. The company provides employees with a variety of welfare measures, pay attention to cultivate the professional skills of staff, so that each person to play its due value.