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Definition And Prospect Of LED Road Light
Oct 23, 2017

First, LED Road Light definition and vision

LED Road Light use the fourth generation of light (LED) as the main light, with high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, the use of long life, safe and reliable, light source light rate is conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics. Used in urban trunk roads, secondary roads, industrial parks, urban and rural roads and other areas.

According to the status quo of street lighting in China, small cities in the night after 9 o'clock, large and medium cities in the morning 2:00 in the future, the road pedestrians, vehicles have been gradually sparse. From this time until 6 o'clock in the morning, in such a low traffic flow on the road still adhere to the higher illumination is not necessary. It is understood that urban public lighting in China's lighting power consumption accounted for 30% of the share, about 43.9 billion kWh, with a uniform price of 0.65 yuan / kWh accounting, a year expenditure of 28.5 billion yuan.

In today's extremely serious municipal expenses, the vast majority of cities and regions in the country is simply in line with the choice of the street lights off the lights to save money, not only caused the uneven distribution of road illumination, to the security and traffic safety buried Under the danger, and the middle of the night after the grid voltage rise in the number of street lamps to form a hazard, need to replace a lot of lamps every year, it can not be called the real meaning of the energy. Energy saving is to ensure that the role of lighting under the light to save electricity.

The primary advantage of intelligent control is a significant reduction in power consumption, saving more than 40% of power consumption, to avoid the risk of isolation lights. For the promotion of efficient, energy efficient intelligent lighting appliances, cooperative lighting practice useful for light energy use, saving lighting electricity has an extremely far-reaching meaning.

Second, LED Road Light intelligent principle

LED Road Light to take full account of the practice of urban road lighting conditions, the use of single-chip control skills on the street lights for dynamic intelligent processing, to complete the street humane. Because the LED Road Light with other lights do not have the transient echo fast features, the circuit is very easy to complete the use of KHZ-level pulse width modulation (PWM) method on the LED Road Light off the duty cycle conditioning, (such as 1ms 0.5ms light 0.5ms off at the moment its brightness is full when the 50%) that is, all the lighting conditioning the brightness. There is no stroboscopic appearance at such a high frequency.

After setting the lamp, you can make the street lights in a busy period of time to maintain a strong illumination, in the middle of the night when the car is less rare when the automatic dimming, so that the lights adhere to the lower illumination of the lighting. But also through the connotation of the programmer is not the same as the city richness, lighting, traffic conditions, forced to set the illumination level, set the intensity of illumination longer than the length of control, the future lights can be set in accordance with the new set program. That is to complete the local road lighting personalized.

Third, the characteristics of LED Road Light

LED light source (LED) has a very good single direction, light removal rate is extremely high, and the traditional gas street light source for all-round light, relying on the reflector into a single direction of light, loss of large, light removal rate greatly less than LED Street light. So the real effect on the road light effect of the traditional street lights significantly inferior to the LED Road Light.

Fourth, the application of LED Road Light and related data

LED Road Light for urban and rural roads, sidewalks, squares, campuses, parks, yard, residential areas, factories and other places require outdoor lighting.