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How To Improve LED Driver Reliability?
Jul 21, 2017

  How to improve LED driver reliability?

  Industry LED driver reliability reasons are the following:

  the first

  Near the heat source: led although the luminous efficiency is higher, but the energy flow through the LED is still only a small part of the energy can see the form of light radiation out, the rest of the energy in the form of heat consumption in the LED, LED driver so the LED light source itself is more serious. LED driver is usually placed inside the lamp, near the LED light source, the ambient temperature is only 20-30 ℃ at room temperature, LED driver the ambient temperature around the drive is easy to reach 50-60 ℃, in such a high temperature to ensure that the drive Reliability, design (especially efficiency indicators) is a great challenge.


  Long-term full load work: in the case of non-dimming LED driver is close to full load work, and switching power supply in most applications, LED driver such as computer power (adapter), communication power, household appliances, long-term work average power Usually only a fraction of the rated power power, and the full power state in which all loads are turned on will only occur for a specific amount of time.


  For roads, squares and other outdoor lighting occasions, vulnerable to external lightning and other natural phenomena damage. LED driver Which will be on the large-scale application of LED semiconductor lighting caused by late maintenance and other series of ills.