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Impact LED Road Light Application Is The Main Factor Of Heat And Reliability!
Aug 16, 2017

  Impact LED Road Light application is the main factor of heat and reliability!

  LED light source has two practices, one is the use of traditional low-power LED for the combination, generally up to hundreds or even hundreds of pieces, power supply design complex. The other is the use of high-power tube for light, the price is more expensive. Two methods are inevitably to the thermal design and reliability as a major design considerations, the domestic multi-application model for the government, the real market operation of the project rarely, foreign applications in this area more, LED Road Light but its The biggest drawback is still reliability, the number of light out of light and the price, many projects due to poor quality LED, did not show the advantages of long life. Also, from the cost, the market point of view, LED as a lighting source, whether it is used in conjunction with solar energy, the design needs to take a different route, not alone as a light source to develop can be completed.

  LED device products applied to the street, the technical requirements of the special is to combine the LED light intensity and light angle to design, and as a result of multiple LED combination, the light design to take into account the lighting area, lighting needs to focus on the effective cooling Sex. LED lights and ordinary street lamp contrast advantages: energy saving, environmental protection, easy and low pressure adaptation, LED Road Light but also and solar energy system directly supporting, without additional inverter, conversion process, to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

  Lack of: lighting angle is too small, uneven, color rendering index is low, optical, thermal design complex.

  Technical deficiencies: the current technology under the flux is not enough, light effect is too low, the quality is difficult to guarantee.

  Solution: LED products used in street lamps need special design, LED Road Light also need a special standard (with the traditional light source test data to evaluate the LED light source is often not objective).

  LED applications in the street has the inherent advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: First, LED as a point light source, if the design is reasonable, to a large extent can directly solve the traditional spherical light source must rely on light to solve the problem of secondary light and light loss; Second, LED Road Light the light irradiation surface uniform Control, theoretically can be done in the target area completely uniform, which can avoid the traditional light source "light down" phenomenon in the light of waste; third, color temperature optional, so in different occasions, the application is also improved Efficiency, reduce costs an important way; Fourth, the technological progress space is still great.

  The current price is too high, the luminous flux is low, the current equivalent of the design of the LED light source price is about the same as the traditional light source 4 times (but in the street lamp products, the light part of the total cost is not high , So the proportion of the cost of installation in the project will not be too high, the application of space is still relatively large), in the civilian unbearable. LED Road Light The current design and manufacturing standards more chaotic, high proportion of damage, affecting the LED life advantage.

  Recommendation: unified LED standard, improve the quality of stability, the establishment of market competition and coordination organizations to avoid vicious competition, and vigorously promote the concept of LED quality, LED Road Light to avoid the impact of bad examples, to let people from the ideological acceptance of LED is actually able to achieve its long life The advantages of improving the level of selection and use of LEDs.