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LED Canopy Light For The City People To Bring A Shocking Visual Experience
Oct 18, 2017

LED Canopy Light is the construction of the industry in recent years, the emerging large-scale multimedia photoelectric products, usually built in a new symbolic commercial real estate area, over the air corridor, the overall structure is supported by steel, LED light bar composed of the roof set , LED screen selection of the membrane structure has a good waterproof and translucent, during the day to show the audience semi-transparent visual effects, can be used to do static screen advertising; night LED screen display magnificent Video and sound effects of the perfect combination for the city people to bring a shocking visual experience. Unique, dynamic and smooth presentation of the effect, both beautify the city, but also for people's lives add to the fun.

Indoor and outdoor LED screen display main technical features:

① dustproof and waterproof rating: LED horizon protection class IP65, has a good dust and waterproof effect; can completely resist the dust into the, will not be sprayed from any angle over the impact of water.

② resistance to wind resistance: As the screen screen is mainly composed of LED light bar, the light bar with 40 percent to 70 percent of the permeability, can play a role in reducing the wind resistance.

③ can reduce the load capacity of the building: LED light bar composed of the screen than the traditional display screen to 60 percent to 80 percent, can reduce the external load on the building.

④ heat characteristics: LED curtain with aluminum alloy light bar, and the heat with the use of technology, so you can power control and display part of the isolation, to reduce the heat from the source effect, do not need to add other traditional equipment Heat treatment.

⑤ maintenance methods: to take maintenance design, multi-function truss (load-bearing truss, installation and maintenance channels, cable tray) integrated design, will not affect the appearance of the overall appearance of the sky.