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LED Commercial Light More And More Attention
Sep 27, 2017

LED commercial lighting has become increasingly important, the emergence of LED commercial lighting for the consumer to create personalized lighting conditions, to give consumers a better lighting experience, LED commercial lighting with its outstanding features to attract more and more More consumer concerns.

LED lighting products is the first application in the commercial field, with the LED commercial lighting in the commercial field of development and operation gradually mature, and by virtue of its high stability, energy saving and long life, LED commercial lighting direction has been in the home lighting The front, by more and more attention.

LED lighting Compared with the traditional light source lighting, LED commercial lighting advantage is very obvious, the use of LED commercial lighting, not only a substantial increase in light efficiency, and the cost is also greatly reduced. As the business area for higher cost and light efficiency requirements, so LED commercial lighting at a very fast rate by commercial lighting accepted, and in the commercial field to develop. LED commercial lighting products have been widely used in various commercial shops and places, LED commercial lighting with its stability and energy efficiency to conquer a large number of businesses.

At present, LED commercial lighting has been widely used in museums and other public places, hotels, commercial shops and other commercial lighting.

In museums and other public places, as the museum shows the general are treasures, such exhibits for the preservation and display conditions are more demanding, LED commercial lighting good direction and the light does not contain infrared and ultraviolet radiation just to achieve the museum The basic needs of lighting, not only highlights the product and ensure that the product is not damaged by light.

For large-scale space, diversified, high-quality lighting requirements of the hotel, the traditional lighting technology in the lighting energy consumption is unsatisfactory, LED commercial lighting can not only effectively reduce hotel operating costs, while LED commercial lighting longer life, it is reduced The risk and cost of maintenance, at the same time, LED commercial lighting products rich and varied, more suitable for the hotel to create a different style.

For shopping malls, lighting energy consumption generally accounted for 40% of the total energy consumption of 50% of shopping malls, due to the characteristics of commercial shops for a long time lighting, LED has obvious advantages, although the initial cost is far higher than traditional products, but later Of the maintenance, operating costs greatly reduced.

At present, Wal-Mart, Auchan, Starbucks, ChouTaiFook and other international stores, restaurants and jewelery chains have applied LED commercial lighting in their respective stores. With the development of social economy, Driving more commercial places for LED commercial lighting products.

LED lighting in the commercial field of development far more than these, LED commercial lighting products have become a commercial lighting is one of the best-selling products. Relative to home lighting, the business area for LED commercial lighting more demand, which is one of the direction of LED commercial lighting development.