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LED Flood Light On The Low-voltage Driver Chip Requirements?
Jun 27, 2017

  LED flood light on the low-voltage driver chip requirements?

  LED flood light for low-voltage driver chip is a requirement, the specific requirements Xiaobian also summed up, as follows:

  1. Driver chip anti-EMI, noise and high pressure capacity is also related to the entire LED lighting products can pass CE,LED flood light UL and other certification, so the design of the chip will use the advanced topology and high-pressure production process.

  2. The driver chip package should be conducive to drive the chip die fast heat, such as the die directly bound to the copper plate, and a pin directly extended to the package, so that the direct welding on the PCB board copper foil Rapid heat conduction. If the chip on a similar 4x4mm to a long time through the 300 ~ 1,000mA current, it will inevitably produce power and heat, so the chip itself, the physical cooling structure is also very important.

  3. The nominal input voltage range of the driver chip should meet DC 8 ~ 40V to cover the wider application needs. The pressure resistance is preferably greater than 45V. When the input is AC 12V or 24V, the simple bridge rectifier output voltage will fluctuate with the grid voltage, especially when the voltage is high, the output DC voltage will be high. If the driver IC does not have a wide input voltage range, it will tend to be broken when the grid voltage rises, thereby burning the LED light source.

  4. The nominal output current of the driver chip is greater than 1.2 ~ 1.5A. As the lighting of the LED light source, 1W power LED light source of the nominal operating current of 350mA, 3W power LED light source of the nominal operating current of 700mA. LED flood light Power LED light source needs more current, so LED lighting fixtures used in the driver IC must have enough current output, the design of the product must also make the driver IC at full load output of 70 ~ 90% of the best work area. The use of full load output current driver IC in the narrow space of light cooling poor, easily lead to lamp fatigue and early failure.

  5. Drive the chip's own power requirements less than 0.5W, switching operating frequency requirements greater than 120Hz, in order to avoid frequency interference generated visible flicker. In short, LED green lighting to drive the chip to the innovative design development. LED lighting can not be separated from the driver chip, LED flood light so the need for multi-functional LED light source driver IC. If the LED lamps use 36V AC power below, you can consider non-isolated power supply; if you choose 220V and 100V AC power, you should consider isolated power supply. Direct use of AC 100 ~ 220V drive chip, due to the application of the demanding requirements of the volume, technically there are higher requirements, greater difficulty, LED flood light the current countries are trying to develop. LED lighting market demand for all the integrated circuit design company once again the success of the opportunity, if you can quickly transition, early product, then win a lot of opportunities.