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LED Floodlight To Solve The Problem Of Glaring Light
Jun 27, 2017

  LED floodlight to solve the problem of glaring light, with the LED floodlight manufacturers to see it:

  1, brightness

  LED lights include:

  Brightness L: LED floodlight luminous flux of luminous body in a specific direction of solid angle unit area.

  Unit: Nietzsche (cd / ㎡).

  Luminous flux φ: The sum of the luminous flux per second.

  Unit: lumens (Lm), on behalf of the luminous body how much light, the more lumens the greater the number of lumens, so the greater the number of lumens, the more luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp.

  2, wavelength

  Wavelength consistent LED, LED floodlight the same color. Producers who do not have LED spectrophotometers are difficult to produce purely color products.

  3, color temperature

  Color temperature is the unit of measurement of light color, expressed in K value.

  4, leakage current: LED is a one-way conductive light, if the reverse current, is called leakage, leakage current LED, short life.

  5, anti-static ability

  Anti-static ability of LED, long life, so the price is high Usually anti-static greater than 700V LED can be used for LED lighting.

  6, life

  The key to different quality is life, LED floodlight life is determined by light fades. Light decay small, long life

  7, design

  Each product will have a different design, different designs for different purposes, LED lighting, reliability design, including: LED floodlight electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, safe use of time and other factors.