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LED Industrial Light To Convey The Specific Information And Visual Space Experience Is Its Life
Sep 27, 2017

Industrial light, the traditional light source industrial light is composed of light source, ballast, trigger, lamp cover and lamp holder. LED lights are made of drive power, light source, cooling system, light distribution system composed of four parts, modern lighting, including home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, special lighting, industrial lights are industrial lighting Industrial lighting from the birth of electricity, from the earliest incandescent bulbs, the development of later fluorescent lamps, and then to energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps, halogen lamps, gas discharge lamps and LED special materials, lighting, etc., the vast majority of lamps or In the development of these light sources and continuous progress, such as from the lamp holder to the fluorescent lamp stand to the current variety of industrial lighting.

Second, the type and characteristics of industrial lights

1. Deep-type industrial light: deep-type industrial light shell is generally used reflector, polished mirror, the use of this type of shell, the light source of light distribution will be more concentrated, high degree of exposure can reach more than 7 meters, suitable for relatively high The lobby of the plant or the need to focus on highlighting the lighting. As the shade of the lamp factory is a mirror, sand surface, so that the light irradiation distance is relatively far, and the use of high-power power supply, used in large warehouses, machinery production workshop and other high height of the plant, Different power of various types of lamps, the application of different places, some ultra-high plant workshop, and some for the high degree of plant.

2. With the type of industrial light: LED light source technology as a result of continuous improvement, LED technology has gradually been applied to the production of industrial lights. LED light source can be used in various types of industrial lights, according to the different requirements of light distribution, with the type of industrial lights, is also used in a number of industry lamps, because of its long life, wide range of light exposure, generally used for 6 Meters below the height of the lighting.

3. Wide light-type industrial lights: shells are generally used frosted reflector, helmet-type lampshade, electrical box surface after electrostatic spray treatment, durable and rugged, because the light distribution range is wide, so the irradiation area is relatively wide, widely used in Irradiation height of about 7 meters of the conference room, classroom and other environmental lighting.

4. Deep-type industrial light: special deep-type industrial light is based on the deep-type factory lights on the basis of improved lighting products, can be said to improve the progress of different times of lamps. Deep-type industrial lights are also classified according to light distribution curve. Compared to the deep-type industrial light, the function may be more excellent, especially in the height of the radiation and light distribution on the concentration.

5. Uniform light distribution type industrial light: uniform light distribution type of industrial light irradiation is relatively uniform, relative to the deep type and deep type, uniform light exposure is more concentrated, uniform focus is not very prominent, showing Out of the visual is a more symmetrical halo, can only install the height of seven meters below the plant.

The Importance of Industrial Lighting

The ultimate goal of industrial lighting is not only to solve the problem of lighting in the dark. We can not just be satisfied with the perception of the reality of the environment, industrial lighting to convey the specific information and visual space is the experience of its life. Only in such a light environment, we will be in the environment we will achieve the desired environment.

Fourth, the main points of industrial lighting

1. Color temperature: color temperature affect mood

Color temperature is an important element of industrial lighting, but also affect the mood of industrial production workers. Cold light is relatively bright and clean, mainly for the convenience of workers; warm light manufacturing environment effect is strong, with the sun's color, look warm and natural, looks not dazzling.

2. Illumination: step brightness is very important

Gather together to play a focused role. It should be said that the light of the light and shade, and warm, and the uniformity of light, can achieve the indoor lighting room, reflecting the effect of plant color, which through the changes in light and shade, highlighting the sense of space level. Often industrial lighting will be divided into different groups according to the region, and express different visual effects.


Human understanding and understanding of light in the elaboration, it is often difficult to use some ordinary vocabulary to express a clear experience, is a mysterious thing. Our inner bottom is often tapped by this invisible thing. When you open the industrial light, you open is a new space; when the light position changes, it will produce a new visual psychology. Intangible and perceived is often the most real and valuable thing. This is also the visual basis for building a specific sense of space.