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LED Road Light Power Lightning Protection Design
Jun 13, 2017

  LED Road Light power lightning protection design

  LED Road Light installed in the outdoors, lightning is a very big threat. Ranging from street light damage, heavy cause a fire or casualties, resulting in huge losses.

  External lightning protection and internal lightning combination

  Now the general LED Road Light are outside the conductor material, itself is equivalent to a lightning rod, the design must be installed off the assembly line and the ground network, these systems constitute an external lightning protection system. The system can avoid LED Road Light due to direct lightning caused by fire and personal safety accidents. Internal lightning protection system refers to the internal lighting through the ground, set the voltage protection, etc. to protect the device. The system prevents the induction of lightning and other forms of overvoltage intrusion, resulting in power damage, which is outside the lightning protection system can not be guaranteed. Between the two is complementary, complement each other. Internal lightning protection system In many devices such as the shell, access to the protection zone of the cable, metal pipes and so on to connect the external lightning protection system or set the overvoltage protection, and equipotential bonding.

  Lightning protection equipotential bonding

  In order to completely eliminate the destructive potential difference caused by lightning, power lines, signal lines, metal pipes and so on to use the over-voltage protection device for equipotential bonding, the inner protection area of the interface should also be local equipotential bonding, each Local equipotential junctions are connected to each other and finally connected to the main equipotential sites.

  Set the lightning protection area

  At present, LED Road Light in addition to power equipment, but also set up some communications equipment used to control the switch and brightness of street lamps, these devices and power supply need to be placed in the lightning protection zone, the protection area directly shielded by the shell. The electromagnetic field here is much weaker.

  High quality protection equipment - Lightning protection module and overvoltage protection module

  The role of the lightning protection device is in the shortest time (nanosecond) will be protected system into the equipotential system, so that the device equipotential potential. At the same time the circuit due to lightning caused by the huge pulse energy released by the short circuit to the earth, reducing the device at the interface of the potential difference, which play the role of protection equipment.