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LED Road Light Power Supply Is Precisely The Most Important LED Development
Jun 13, 2017

  LED Road Light power supply is precisely the most important LED development, LED technology for the relevant design, there are a variety of programs and unique design techniques, we will come to one by one to understand.

  1LED Road Light power supply Why must the constant flow of it?

  The characteristics of LED lighting materials determine its impact by the environment, such as temperature changes, LED current will increase, the voltage increases, LED current will increase.

  Long over the rated current work, will greatly shorten the LED lamp life.

  The LED constant current is in the temperature and voltage and other environmental factors change, to ensure that its working current value unchanged.

  2LED Road Light power supply constant current accuracy

  Some of the power supply on the market constant current accuracy is poor, like the popular recommendation of the market and other constant current program, the error of ± 8%, constant current error is too large.

  General requirements in ± 3% on it.

  Press 3% of the design. Production power to be fine-tuned to achieve ± 3% error.

  3LED Road Light power supply operating voltage

  General LED recommended operating voltage is 3.0-3.5V, tested, most of the work in 3.2V, so the calculation by 3.2V more reasonable. N lamp beads in series with the total voltage = 3.2 * N.

  4LED Road Light power supply operating current is how much is the most appropriate

  For example, the rated current of the LED 350 mA, and some factories used to do, the design 350 mA, in fact, this work under the current heat is very serious, after several comparative tests, designed to 320 mA is ideal The

  Try to reduce the amount of heat, so that more energy into visible light.