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LED Tunnel Light Features
May 25, 2017

LED Tunnel Light characteristics introduced

LED Tunnel Light is a kind of tunnel light, it is used in tunnels, workshops, large warehouses, venues, metallurgy and various factories, construction and other places large area flood lighting, the most suitable for urban landscape, billboards, Face for landscaping lighting.

With the rapid development of road traffic construction in China, the construction scale and quantity of highway tunnels are also increasing. Tunnel lighting is also a problem such as energy saving and safety. With the development of LED light source technology, Lighting industry has also carried out LED Tunnel Light in the highway tunnel lighting application research and application practice, therefore, in tunnel lighting combined with advanced control mode, the use of high luminous efficiency, good stability, long life of a new generation of light source will become a demand And trends.


LED Tunnel Light is a light effect energy-saving lamps, the use of light-emitting diode (LED Tunnel Light) as a light source, high luminous efficiency, long life, with different mirrors can be multi-purpose lighting; and softened, Produce dazzling or other discomfort. Ballast selection of overheating protection technology to ensure that the lamp life. Imported high-purity mirror aluminum anodized material to do the mirror and through the precise light distribution design, power factor greater than 0.9, reflective high efficiency, good light transmission, energy saving.

LED and traditional tunnel lighting source comparison LED Tunnel Light is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly into the electric light, compared to the traditional road tunnel lighting (sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc.), LED Tunnel Light

have the following advantages:

(1) light decay small: If the heat conditions in good circumstances, LED 10000h before the positive light failure, before the 10000h light failure of 3% to 10%, the first 50000h basically 30%, far lower than the ordinary road lighting, Luminous more stable.

(2) high color rendering: general LED color rendering is about 7 0 ~ 80, if the use of three primary colors of phosphor, then higher; general high pressure sodium lamp 20 ~ 35, low pressure sodium lamp lower, so even if the traditional light source brightness Higher than the LED, but the visual effect worse than the LED, "not the brightest, but look at the most clear" This should be the development of LED light source in a direction.

(3) life: LED life is higher than the general road tunnel lighting, is now generally higher than 50000H.

(4) Price: LED lamp head Although the current price is higher than the traditional lighting, but with the maturity of manufacturing technology, the price is currently declining significantly, high and low pressure sodium lamp in general a price of 2,000 yuan, and its cable and other auxiliary Pieces of the price is higher than the LED cable and other costs.

In addition, LED also has a high maintenance factor, good security, no flicker and energy saving and other advantages.