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LED Tunnel LightEnergy Saving And Environmental Protection
Aug 22, 2017

Into the new century, the state has increased the traffic system construction, such as railways, highways, expressways, high-speed rail and so on. Road must not open the tunnel, the tunnel must be installed tunnel lights, which leads to large-scale LED tunnel light industry.

LED tunnel lights have the advantages of traditional light source tunnel lights incomparable, energy saving and environmental protection, high brightness, high color rendering index, long life, small size easy to install, especially high power LED tunnel lights, whether it is brightness or life are far Ultra-traditional sodium lamp tunnel lights, is the mainstream of the tunnel lights products. Here we come to the LED tunnel lights and traditional tunnel lights to be a comparison.

1. Comparison of conventional tunnel lights and LED tunnel lights

At present, most of the traditional tunnel lighting is the use of high pressure sodium lamp as a light source, but the high pressure sodium lamp in the radiation form, color, visual sensitive characteristics, power specifications, brightness control and so there are many deficiencies, and emerging LED tunnel lighting, Power LED tunneling fixtures with its excellent performance, especially

Brightness control, to overcome the many problems of high pressure sodium lamp, is becoming the world's mainstream lighting tunnel lighting. The state also introduced the "ten city ten thousand" semiconductor lighting project new initiatives for the development of LED tunnel lights has brought unprecedented opportunities. Chu Guan is a positive response to the "ten city ten thousand" plan, at the expense of the introduction of advanced LED tunnel lights in Europe production equipment, vigorously R & D and production of new LED tunnel lights, LED lights in the country currently occupies a pivotal market share.

As the tunnel compared with the general road, has its unique nature, we use the heat pipe plus heat fin technology for heat treatment, hot channel vertical design, to achieve modular cooling, LED junction temperature maintained at 70 ℃ below, to ensure that LED long time low light decays stable work, improve the lamp maintenance factor, save maintenance costs.

According to the flow characteristics of the airflow in the tunnel, the asymmetric ventilation design of the cooling chamber is carried out to ensure that the air convection heat dissipation and reduce the fouling caused by the smoke and so on into the cooling chamber, and the heat dissipation efficiency is reduced by the heat dissipation structure.