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LED Wall Light Applicable Strong Color Rich
Sep 27, 2017

LED wall lights, also known as LED high power wall washer, the previous LED curtain wall lamp with the traditional light source, that is, T4 or T5 light source, the bottom of the installation of the reflective plate, the city floor building with very much, At present, we use the wall washer to do LED light source, more energy than the original T5 tube, higher brightness, LED wall lamp is also called linear LED flood light, etc., because of its shape for the long strip, Known as LED line lights. Shell with 6063 aluminum lamp body, has a good cooling effect, effectively reducing the use of LED heat in the process, to avoid light attenuation. The use of optical grade PMMA efficient lens, light loss is small, good illumination. Power supply using constant current power technology to ensure that each LED stable work.

The main application sites are: single building, historical buildings outside the wall lighting. Building outside the light through the lighting, indoor local lighting. Green landscape lighting, billboard lighting. Medical, cultural and other special facilities lighting. Bars, dance halls and other entertainment places such as lighting.


1. Applicability is strong, in a variety of indoor and outdoor environment, the adaptability and reliability have improved.

2. Colorful: composed of three primary colors (red, green, blue) display unit box, so that the electronic screen to achieve rich color, high saturation, high resolution, high frequency display dynamic images.

3. High brightness: the use of ultra-high brightness LED, the sun under the long-distance light is still clearly visible.

4. Good effect: the use of non-linear correction technology, the image clearer, more layered sense.

5. Reliable: the use of static scanning technology and modular design technology, reliability, stability, higher.

6. Display mode diversification: support a variety of display mode.

7. Easy to operate: take the general video playback software, the system operation is very convenient.

Installation Attention

1.LED curtain wall lamp installation must be solid and reliable.

2.LED curtain wall lamp installation safety is very important. Although the LED wall lamp safety is generally higher than the general lighting, but also should be installed in the protection work.

3.LED curtain wall waterproofing is also the focus of installation. In the wire connector, LED curtain wall seal to strengthen the protection.