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Outdoor Lighting Introduction And Features
May 25, 2017

Outdoor Lighting introduction and characteristics

Outdoor Lighting, refers to the lighting outside the interior lighting. Outdoor Lighting requirements to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and get decorative effect.

Lighting fixtures

Outdoor Lighting is used in Outdoor Lighting, for example, parks, squares, both sides of the road and outdoor advertising lights.

Outdoor Lighting mainly include: lawn lamp, garden lights, tunnel lights, floodlights, underwater lights, street lamps, wall washer, landscape lights, buried lights and so on.

Lamp Description: light plate skeleton made of high quality steel, hot galvanized treatment, sealing board using aluminum. Fastener bolts, nuts are stainless steel.

Special Note: The installation must ensure that the lamp body is safely grounded


Compared with home lighting, Outdoor Lighting has large power, brightness, large size, long life, low maintenance costs.

Take street lights as an example:

Suitable places: roads, overpasses, parking lots, stadiums, freight yard, port, airport and public leisure square.

Features: beautiful shape, with a strong decorative, lighting area, lighting effect, light source concentration, uniform lighting, glare small, easy to control, maintenance.

Lighting control editor

Outdoor Lighting control is divided into manual control, light control, time control and computer control.