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The Development Foreground Of LED Tunnel Light
Jul 10, 2017

  The development foreground of LED tunnel light

  In recent years, along with the development of our country's roads and other infrastructures, the tunnel scenes such as tunnels and tunnels in the city have been increased correspondingly, and many tunnels use traditional lamps as illumination light source, LED tunnel light such as high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, including high pressure natrium light efficiency, less ultraviolet radiation, can be ignited in any location, earthquake resistance, long life, in tunnel lighting, especially in mountainous areas such as the city outside the tunnel in a large number of use, and fluorescent lamps, In recent years, metal halide lamps have been widely used in urban tunnel lighting.

  New Frame LED Tunnel light

  However, as the green light source led tunnel lamp after several years of development, has also formed a certain scale of application. LED tunnel light compared to the traditional tunnel lighting main features: First, the color is relatively high: the general led color of about 7 0~8 0, if the use of three phosphor phosphors higher; LED tunnel light general high-pressure sodium lamp for 2 0~35, low pressure sodium lamp, so even though the traditional light source brightness is higher than led, but the visual effect is worse than the LED, "not the brightest, but see the clearest" this should be LED light source application development direction. Second, light attenuation is small: if in good condition, the LED 10000h is positive light decay, the former 10000h light decay is 3% 110, the former 50000h is basically 30%, far below the ordinary tunnel illumination light source, the luminous is more stable. Third, energy-saving: LED tunnel light Compared with the traditional light source, the same lighting effect, energy-saving can reach 60%. Four, life: LED tunnel lamp maximum normal use time can reach 50000h.

  Therefore, the development potential of LED tunnel lamp is huge and will be widely applied in the future.