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The Main Category Of LED Drivers
Jul 21, 2017

  The main category of LED drivers

  DC drive

  According to their different roles and uses, and can be divided into three kinds.

  (1) DC buck driver. The basic principle is to use switching devices with reactive devices on the external power supply after the current limit to drive the LED tube work. Series buck driver is simple, the conversion efficiency is relatively high. LED driver The main drawback of this drive is that once the main switching device is damaged, the high current will burn the LED through the LED. Obviously, this scheme can not be used when the supply voltage is lower than the load drop.

  (2) DC boost driver. Its basic principle is to use the switching device with the reactor device energy storage step-up limit of the way the work. Boost drive conversion efficiency is relatively high. Its more significant advantage is that their failure will not damage the LED. The boost driver can only be used when the load drop is always higher than the supply voltage. In the case of load voltage drop below the power supply voltage, LED driver the drive will be out of control, high current directly through the LED tube to burn the tube. Enter the DC low voltage when the number of LED tubes can be used less buck driver can also use the boost driver, as far as possible in series or less parallel or less parallel light tube. If the number of LED should be used more than the boost driver, but also try to connect in series or less parallel connection.

  (3) converter type driver. It is to use high-frequency transformers with switching devices to achieve energy from primary to secondary transmission, while doing voltage / voltage conversion drive light-emitting diode work. LED driver The voltage at the output of this driver is not controlled by the input voltage. It can be designed according to the number of LED tubes in series. It is suitable for use in the vicinity of the voltage drop of the load voltage. It is also suitable for the supply voltage and load Voltage drop is very different situation. The disadvantage is that the circuit is complex, the conversion efficiency is slightly lower than the above two types of drives. If the input DC high voltage drive low power tube can be used in series buck driver, drive high power tube from the safety point of view should choose the converter structure of the drive.

  AC drive

  AC drive according to different applications are also divided into step-down, boost type, converter type three circuit types. LED driver Differences between AC drives and DC drives In addition to the need for rectified filtering of incoming ACs, there is a problem of isolation and non-isolation from a security point of view.