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User Approval Is The Way Of LED Road Light
Jul 10, 2017

  User approval is the way of LED Road Light

  Today, governments have advocated the replacement of traditional street lamps with LED Road Lights energy-saving renovation projects, and further into the two or three-level city, and then "intelligent lighting" intervention, strengthen the advantages of LED Road Lights, so that the original led energy-saving technology on energy-saving $number, coupled with the help of the EMC model, but also to accelerate the popularization of LED Road Light process. According to the forecast, 2014 ~ 2017 will be the global LED outdoor lighting replacement tide period, the global number of LED lights installed in the next 5 years will increase 4 times times.

  Even so, its popularity has not been as scheduled, especially this year LED street light speed is significantly lower than expected, slowing growth. Is it influenced by objective factors such as government change, anti-corruption, or is it subject to subjective factors such as LED Road Light technology and market price? "New century LED" reporter interviewed the department of Light source and lighting engineering professor Liu Muqing, Fudan University, together to explore the current situation and the future development of LED street lights.

  The biggest bottleneck of LED Road Light without specification

  At present, the road lighting is mainly high pressure sodium lamp, LED Road Light has not really replaced it. In this respect, Liu Muqing said, from the technical level, led and high-pressure sodium lamps, even more, such as the light efficiency of the whole lamp, LED Road Light can reach 100lm/w above, and high-pressure sodium lamp and ballast, and the most can only reach 60-70lm/w, LED light efficiency has been significantly more than high-pressure sodium lamp, and from the cost of view, LED is not much higher than the high pressure sodium lamp.

  But Liu Muqing also frankly, although from the technical level, the market price view, the LED Road Light is not inferior to the high pressure sodium lamp, but its popularization still needs a process. Specifically, the following three areas:

  One, the light efficiency of LED Road Light is higher than high pressure sodium lamp, this is only out of technical level. In the market, the current led industry is in the early stages of development, poor enterprises than good enterprises, this part of the "bad" will cause the market for LED street misunderstanding: "LED street is not good." Therefore, how to get people to recognize and accept the good LED lamps still need a process;

  Second, with the rapid development of LED era, enterprises gradually realize the importance of product quality, and constantly to high-quality development, the overall market circulation of products will improve the quality;

  Third, the problem of standardization. The traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, is simple by the bulb, the ballast and the lamp shell three kind of parts constitute, the bulb is one of the most easily bad parts, the life expectancy is probably 1-2 years, even if is bad, its replacement is very convenient, because it is the standardized product, may replace any factory bulb. Anti-view LED Road Light, its various manufacturers of product specifications are not the same, late replacement or repair products need to find the same manufacturer, indirectly, LED Road Light into a monopoly-bound products. The nonstandard of the product is the biggest bottleneck of the road of LED Road Light, the establishment of standardization standard becomes the urgent demand of the industry development.

  If the LED Road Light to solve the above problem, the high-pressure sodium lamp lamp can fade out of the market. In theory, the promotion of LED in the road should be faster than indoor lighting, but due to the promotion of road lighting in the market has a certain degree of inertia, and above the standardization of the problem, its popularization effect failed to be as scheduled.