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What Are The Measures To Maintain LED Road Lights?
Oct 27, 2017

Compared to traditional lighting equipment, LED Road Lights as a green pollution-free, low energy consumption of green Lights gradually into the human production and life and other fields. LED Road Light installation is simple, no cumbersome power lines to build, only the Light can be installed on the pole. However, LED Road Lights are not installed without control, the need for regular maintenance, thereby reducing the occurrence of failure. Then the maintenance of LED Road Lights to do what measures?

1. The stage of inspection LED Road Lights Light head use is normal, with or without the phenomenon of damage.

2. Controller, light control equipment, etc. should always check and maintain. In order to protect the continuous operation of LED Road Lighting device, to check once a week, encountered heavy rain, wind and other weather, to check whether the battery plate in time to control whether the indoor water, if found to occur in such a timely manner.

3. Check whether the battery is intact if there is water seepage. Pay attention to waterproof measures, especially the battery and LED Road Lights Light.

4. Storage of the battery to be breathable and anti-theft, so generally installed in the base of the pole, LED Road Lights in the normal work of the battery should always check the charge and discharge process, at any time to observe the electrode or wiring is corrosive, if There is such a phenomenon to be dealt with in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

5. Check the LED Road Light body is not a leaky damage to the situation.

6. For the above five questions on a regular basis to check, can effectively prevent street lights a major accident. LED Road Lights for small problems, maintenance costs are relatively low, and the emergence of large problems will need to spend a higher cost to maintain. And even replace the street lights, so the regular maintenance of the street is necessary.

For the maintenance of LED Road Lights need to do what measures today for everyone to share here, regularly check the LED Road Lights, LED Road Lights can effectively prevent a major accident. If the LED Road Lights have a small problem, the cost of maintenance is relatively low, and the emergence of large problems will need to spend a higher cost to maintain, or even replace the street, so the regular maintenance of LED Road Lights is necessary.