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What Is The LED Wall Light?
Aug 03, 2017

  What is the LED Wall Light?

  LED Wall Light to red, green and blue LED color for the three colors, projection light angle of 1000 to the inner surface of the ABS mask, the beam after repeated reflection and refraction after the formation of mixed color mask. It is internally connected to a digital circuit, an external control blade, and a controller default control program. By modulating the mode within the controller, it can make color changes, color chase, transition gradients, grayscale changes and seven-color changes, which can produce a soft, uniform, colorful visual effects.

  LED wall lights through the LED pixel color mixing to achieve from point to surface dynamic effects. It can accept the control system signals and instructions, in order to achieve the random pattern or scene switching.

  The LED display panel on the wall can be composed of multiple curtain wall stitching, can be used to display a variety of patterns and color changes, the equivalent of LED display effect. It is suitable for use as bars, dance halls, buildings, squares and other large building decoration. Like the pursuit of modern fashionable family, can use LED curtain wall as an interior decoration, this is a new concept. It can be indoor equipment and furniture to add more charm.

  LED wall lights can also be made into music color wall, you can display text, graphics, animation, video and other color changes; the use of front desk visualization software, the music can be the tone, amplitude and other changes in music parameters in real time into color, Graphics, changes in the object, the real realization of synchronization with the music, so that music is not only audible, but also can see; can make the atmosphere more active, warm, rhythmic movement.