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Why LED Road Lights Do Not Shine Phenomenon
Oct 23, 2017

Digital and network era is a social trend, the lighting industry to be ready to meet the new storm. In the future intelligent society process, how will the LED in the end? With the Internet of Things, cloud computing and 4G technology, the rapid development of intelligent city construction has risen to lead the core strategy of urban development. Today, LED applications have penetrated into many areas of urban construction, outdoor applications such as LED display, LED road lights, in the indoor application is more extensive, such as wisdom home, wisdom shopping malls, wisdom hospital, parking, mine Wait. In the information age, LED and large data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other advanced technology and technology means to enhance the ability of urban security and emergency response, will bring LED future development of more possibilities.

Such as the development of LED display so far, has become an indispensable people's life media, carrying news, culture and business information release function. The future with intelligent control of the LED display system through the cutting edge of the intelligent system, will not only a single function of a display. City-related managers can also through a unified electronic control platform, so that the display in the city at the same time also assume the function of security monitoring command center to meet the security management, urban management, traffic management, emergency command and other needs, but also can take into account the disaster Accident warning, safety monitoring and other aspects of the image monitoring needs, and ultimately the completion of the upgrading of urban services.

LED lights do not light the Light, part of the reason may be the quality of the Light beads itself is flawed, but there are many other reasons. LED street Light prices below to analyze the reasons why the Light beads do not shine and the solution.

LED road lights failure phenomenon is usually shown for all LED road lights do not light or just a part of the broken.

For the first fault phenomenon: all LED road lights do not shine, if the reason is the mains protection switch trip, then hit it can, if the power is still off or so is generally LED driver power failure, LED street Light power is waterproof Sealed power, bad to replace the new, power protection function is not perfect will directly affect the quality of LED road lights.

For the second fault phenomenon: only part of the broken, such as LED road light power for the multi-channel constant output, which may be a bad group, the other is the LED chip is not good, or LED road Light cooling caused by LED chip burned , There may be damage to the drive or power supply board, or some LED disconnect caused other LED power supply is not normal.

Caused by LED lights lanterns do not shine for many reasons, many times and can not simply check to be able to accurately determine the source of the fault, especially in the face of large areas of LED road Light beads do not shine the case, We want to ask professionals to conduct a careful inspection, try to rule out hidden dangers, to avoid similar problems occur, not only that, if you want long-term operation of LED road lights trouble-free, not only in the beginning to buy Lights when carefully, after use, also To regularly check the LED road lights, make the greatest efforts to avoid hidden dangers, to ensure the safety of LED road lights.